Conditions and Triggers

The first step in creating your Coinrule trading bot is to decide when the algorithm has to execute an action. You need to define a condition or a trigger, then. You can choose between different options:


  • Simply asking Coinrule to send recurring orders on the market at a specific interval of time. The order will hit the market according to your selected time interval.


coinrule trading bot time trigger


  • Request to check for a particular condition and ONLY IF that condition is met, send an order as defined in the following section below. Add an additional condition, if needed, selecting the option “Add Condition”.


coinrule trading bot event trigger


  • A Direct order that will be executed on the market right after clicking on the Launch button. The trading interface of some exchanges could be complex, so Coinrule makes it easy to send an order in just a few clicks.


coinrule trading bot direct order


Which coins to Trade?

First, you can choose the group of coins or a specific coin that meet your condition. The options are:

  • all available coins on the market
  • all coins in our portfolio
  • one or more specific coins

Select the indicator

Then, it’s time to set up the actual condition you want to occur to trigger the order. You can choose between:


You are now ready to define the next step of your Coinrule trading bot!


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