Bitmex APIs Setup


To connect your Coinrule account to BitMEX, you will need to create an API key that will allow you to create an automated trading bot on BitMEX.


Step 1) First, you will need to sign in or create an account on BitMEX. Once you’re signed in and on the homepage, navigate to the icon in the top right corner. Select “API Keys” when the drop-down menu appears:


Click here for step 1 of the video tutorial.


Step 2) Next, under “Create an API Key”, create a name for the API key and set “Key Permissions” to “Order”. Then click “Create API Key”:

Click here for step 2 of the video tutorial.


Step 3) You will now be provided with an API ID and Secret Key:

Finally, copy and paste the API ID and Secret Key into their appropriate boxes on Coinrule and click “Connect”:

Click here for step 3 of the video tutorial.


Once connected, you’ll be able to automate your investments on BitMEX using Coinrule. Happy trading!

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