Trend Optimised Golden Cross Strategy


Strategy Description

This strategy uses a typical Golden Cross approach combined with a trend-spotting indicator. An optimised golden cross strategy catches better bullish trends, the outcome of the MA9 and MA50 crossing strategy can be improved.

Golden Cross Setup

The buy condition

The bot buys if it meets the following criteria.

  • Price is above MA200
  • MA9 Crossing above MA50


The sell condition

Then, when the MA9 crosses below the MA 50, we will sell the coin regardless of whether the price is above the MA 200.


How it works

Detailed chart

First, MA 200 identifies the current price trend. If the price is below the moving average in a period of 1 hour, the strategy will not trade. 

Graph 2

Once the MA 200 condition is satisfied, the strategy can buy when MA 9 crosses above MA 50. Note that the strategy is allowed to sell if the price is below the MA 200.


Build it with Coinrule:

strategy on coinrule

Strategy on Coinrule


Strategy Performance:

Strategy performance

Over the period starting from 2020/01/01, the optimised golden cross strategy achieved a net profit of 38% and beat the buy and hold return by 26%.


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