The ANY TIME Operator


Introducing new operators, you are now able to create multiple strategies within the same rule. That allows you to enrich your trading plan and to create a fully automated crypto trading bot.

Let’s make an example. You may be a long-term believer in the price growth of Bitcoin. Then, you want to set up a DCA-accumulation strategy. From time to time, price volatility offers a short-term opportunity that you can catch with Coinrule adding a ANY TIME operator.

While you are keep accumulating periodically Bitcoin, you will take advantage of strong price increases. Interestingly, in these cases, you can sell Bitcoin back to your base currency so you will have more capital available for your DCA strategy.


bitcoin dca and take profit


The first and the second part of the rule are executed in parallel. Every time the first action is completed, we start to check for the second condition, the first condition doesn’t need to wait for the second action to run again.

This is only one example of the wide range of possibility that the ANY TIME operator offers. You can also accumulate and then set up a stop loss to cut your exposure in time of drawdown.

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