Catch the Dips MA 100 Optimised


The rule aims to build a buy the dips optimised approach by combining it with a long moving average. The deployed MA100 identifies bullish trends and ensures the strategy only trades during these periods.


Buy the dip
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Multi Time Frame Crossing Reversal


Buy Condition

The strategy buys the coin when it meets the criteria below:

  • Coin has price decrease by 3% within 3 hours
  • Price greater than MA 100


Sell Condition

The algorithm then sells the coin on the following condition:

Take Profit: Coin has price increase by 1% in 3 hours


Notice how the strategy has no stop loss. By only trading during bullish trends, the stop loss was not required.


How it Works

First, MA100 identifies the current price trend. If the price is below the moving average in a period of 3 hours, the strategy will not trade. 


If MA100 condition is satisfied, buy when price change is less than -3%. Then sell when it increases by 1%.


How to Build the Strategy with Coinrule

Strategy Performance



Over the period, the strategy beat the buy and hold return by over 12% and achieved a net profit of 25%.


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